Ps3 mw2 stats not updating

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The player is Captain of their own warship, caught in a desperate, underdog position, facing a relentless enemy faction in the ocean of space.

Experienced soldiers are thrust into extraordinary circumstances that will test their training and reveal their true character as they learn to lead and to make the hard decisions necessary to achieve victory.

With people boosting their way up to 10th prestige and dragging you along with them whether you want to or not.And also since you can play just fine on other games such as Halo, WAW, MW1, etc.and your computer works fine with your connection, it's not your internet connection, or any setting for that matter, because if it was, you wouldn't be able connect to X-box live or Ps3, period.Naturally this has some PS3 gamers hopping mad, like Palacious_D who posted on the forum: I have had the exact same problem with my blu ray drive.Whilst playing call of duty MW2 it crashed before loading the game and after that my drive was dead.

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