Dating owens illinois glass bottles

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O-I pleaded guilty on Tuesday to failing to comply with a regulation under the province's Occupational Health and Safety Act.Yesterday afternoon a construction worker gave me a dirty old bottle - well after searching online line I think it is a c1915-1929 lyric prescription bottle from the Alton Ill glass plant 1906.I’ve been slowly cleaning them and planning several posts about the contents of that wonderful box.First, I wrote about how to clean them, and today I’m going to chat a bit about the amber-colored bottles from the box.

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Acid polishing A process used in the production of cut crystal to remove the opacity of etched surfaces where decoration has been applied.

Although I can't see myself ever really needing the union, it's there. Cons The biggest con by far is the ridiculous schedule for most of us.

Also there is plenty of advancement opportunies and money to be made.

Pros The pay is good for the area and type of work. It would be easier and more understandable if we rotated every month at very least.

It can be very boring sometimes but for the pay, can't complaint. With that being said, work/life balance is terrible. Besides that, seniority is taken a little serious but sexism rules all. There's favoritism like any and every company but again, there's the seniority card.

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