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Big on Sex and the City (1998–2004), and Governor Peter Florrick on The Good Wife (2009–16).He reprised his role of Mike Logan on Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2005–08), and reprised his role of Mr.

(L&O: "Breeder") He was also sexually abused by his parish priest, Joseph Krolinsky, and for the next 25 years refused to deal with or even acknowledge what happened to him.

The next time I enter a church, I'll be in a pine box carried by six of my friends." (L&O: "Apocrypha") During his stint at the 27th Precinct, Logan served under Capt. Greevey was killed as a result while Cerreta transferred out as a result.

Greevey was fatally shot outside of his home in connection with a corruption case in 1991, and Logan nearly lost his job when he forced a confession out of Greevey's murderer at gunpoint.

Logan had a complicated relationship with his mother, an unstable alcoholic who physically and emotionally abused him.

While he does say that his father beat his mother on occasion, he places the fault on her and not him.

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