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LED-bright Light Angel as seen on TV has an automatic motion sensor, is cordless and ready for use in all weather conditions.Light Angels 360 degree swivel base and pivoting head lets you point the light exactly where you need it. Light up your way with the amazing peel and stick, motion activated, wireless Light Angel. It’s the highest point on a building that rests atop a hillside in Mount Adams/Eden Park. According to museum archivist Geoff Edwards, the tower is a stone-clad cast-iron chimney that was used with the old coal boilers in the museum’s original 1886 building. There is no entrance or opening — an elevator shaft blocks it on the main floor; other obstacles surround it elsewhere. And skylights from the third-floor Contemporary gallery prevent rooftop access.But by the 1950s, when the museum campus had grown, a new boiler room was created elsewhere and used a shorter “stumpy” stack. Where some might see a problem — even an embarrassment — in this useless structure, Kitchin saw an opportunity. (At one time, it was illuminated, but that stopped long enough ago that the lighting implements were in a decayed state.)“Within our strategic plan for the museum, we call out that the entire site is a beacon to all of Cincinnati about the importance of arts, culture and education,” Kitchin says.

We’re trying to use the space we have the best we can, including the site.

also, there is a leaf or some "schmutz" dangling in front of the camera lens ... why pay for the Skyline service and never monitor what people are seeing and hearing ...

I would also respectfully suggest your view needs adjusting ...

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“I asked on my tour, seeing all the various spaces created by these buildings, if I could get to the tower and see it,” he says.

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