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Unmarried bipolar people who are in relationships are also often able to make their relationships prosper.

This article will discuss in outline the special dangers that bipolar disorder poses for relationships, as well as a general strategy for dealing with bipolar disorder in relationships.

I've come to find out that I was completely in the right.” After that experience, Hannah says she’s a little less trusting in relationships, although she still actively dates.

Caroline Ewing, a student, used to tell her dates about her diagnosis up front, but she’s found that people are less understanding than they appear at the beginning.

Bipolar disorder is a misunderstood mental illness that's more common than some people realize. population gets diagnosed, according the National Alliance on Mental Illness, but dangerous myths still persist about people with bipolar disorder, which contribute to a stigma about the illness that is incredibly hard to shake.

Marked by distinct high and low moods, called mania and depression, bipolar disorder causes patients to experience distractibility, feelings of euphoria, restlessness, and hopelessness, among other symptoms. This stigma affects almost every facet of one’s social life, from school to work and relationships. D., a clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who both has and studies bipolar illness, the average age of onset is around 22.

Hannah Blum, an activist and blogger about bipolar issues, says that when she told her boyfriend about her diagnosis after eight months of dating, he began to use it to manipulate her.

Is this the right way to describe a personal connection where at least one person has bipolar disorder?He said, ‘Your disorder’s ruining our relationship.You’re going crazy.’ I started to doubt myself, like am I going insane?Bipolar disorder, however, adds its own set of challenges to relationships.In the United States, the overall divorce rate is currently at 33% within the first ten years, but among bipolar people, the rate is as high as 90% according to Psychology Today.

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